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Honda Interceptor 1985 JH2 VIN Data Plate


  • Aftermarket VIN data plate to fit Honda Honda Interceptor 1985.
  • Size: 93 x 36 mm.
  • 0.5 mm thickness.
  • Rustproof.
  • Frame, chassis tag.
  • Durable finish for stamping or engraving.
  • Printed on high grade brushed aluminium (engraving may be more suitable for this plate, stamped numbers may not be visible due to the black background on the stamp area)
  • Free UK standard postageĀ (international prices vary).

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In accordance with the DVLA we cannot offer you a stamping or engraving service, but if you damage one of our plates whilst stamping, engraving or fitting it we can give you 40% off the purchase price of a replacement plate (terms and conditions apply). Please click here to arrange the return of your damaged plate.